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Big News Day

Egypt, Bahrain, Carers, Youth Justice, Cameron's land, Huhne's woman... Our story got lost and buried... As much as it was a blatant stunt, I've reached the moment that I'm uncertain whether I'm pleased or not.

News International's breaking me.
Was surprised to read my name in the Times today. Pleasantly so.

Well done David.
Hung onto Yeovil.

Won in London.

Vote share fell by 1/5 not the predicted 2/5ths.

Things could be worse. And we could live closer to the pub..
Someone didn't appreciate my April fools. Apparently, pretending that I realised I'm straight just isn't funny. Nor is saying that Charles is switching to Labour. Or that I plan to work for Paddy again. Or saying I've eaten all the kitkats - you'd think it would make him more grateful for them.

Ah well, off to work, whoopie cushions, tacs and clingfilm in hand.


Thank you Paddy.

Had fun yesterday. Revenge if you will. Normally I'm the one hungover on a work day.

Back to Business

Back from Provence to find a dozen vicious messages on the answer machine a mountain of post.

All back to work today, back to arguments with Sainsbury's and trying not to swear at Shell.

In unrelated news, must ring Tim to tell him to be more bloody careful drag out a drinking buddy

Weather's looking as drab as here however. So packing jumpers.